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Roaming Rates within the EU to EU numbers

0.06 € to receive a call
0.23 € to make a call

Free to receive texts
0.07 € to send a text

Roaming Rates within the EU to North American numbers

0.06 € to receive
3 Euros per minute outgoing

Free to receive texts
0.07 € to send a text

Data Roaming in the EU

0.24 € per MB

While this is not a terribly high rate for data roaming, there are ways to save money. Try using a texting app such as WhatsApp for texting and of course, when and if free Wi Fi is available, we recommend you use that - unless you are doing online banking or any other activity where using a secure internet source is necessary.

Includes 110 outgoing minutes/texts to North America/Italy/Europe

Includes 300 outgoing minutes within Italy

Includes 1GB of data

Add-on More Data Bundles - $39 1GB / $69 2GB (available upon checkout)

Add-on US Number - $19 for 6 hours of incoming calls (available upon checkout)

Includes an Italian number with free voice mail

Includes unlimited calling to other Uno Mobile cell phones

Free incoming calls or texts from anywhere

Pay as you go service - no bills! - Vodafone Service and Coverage!

3 in 1 SIM card nano/micro/mini fits all phones!

(All add-ons last for 30 days from the date you arrive in Italy)

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Our Italy SIM cards have been specifically created for English speaking travelers going to Italy who need an easy to use and affordable solution for cellular and data service. The initial SIM card includes 300 minutes of outgoing calls within Italy plus an additional 110 minutes of outgoing calls to the US and Canada and 1GB of data. If that is not enough, you can purchase additional talk time as needed. All incoming calls are always free. If you are traveling with others and they too have an Uno Mobile SIM card, all your calls to each other will be free. Many travelers also rely on data in order to check emails, use Google Maps and browse the web. You can add a and additional 1GB or 2GB bundle of data to your SIM card. Both data bundles offer 3G speeds. If you need to either keep your current number or give people a new US number, you can add a US number to your Italian SIM card. Please note that the initial talk time and data bundles are good for 30 days. If your trip exceeds 30 days, you will need to recharge your account.

The carrier is Vodafone (the largest carrier in Italy and the second largest in the world) and provides excellent coverage and data speeds throughout Italy, including Sicily, Sardinia and virtually anywhere else in Italy. Our SIM card is the only Italian SIM card that is available for purchase that does not require you to provide your passport for registration. This is because Cellular Abroad is the only official US/Canada distributor and once you place an order with us, we have your name and mailing address on file.

Data Bundles

Many travelers rely heavily on mobile data. Mobile data is a convenient way for you to check your emails, browse the web, Skype and use useful travel apps such as, iMessage, Google Maps or Voice Translator or to research a restaurant or to buy museum tickets without having to search for Wi Fi, which is often unavailable and is never secure. Cellular Abroad offers 1 and 2GB data bundles. These data bundles will be added on to your SIM card in addition to the 1GB of data that already comes with service.The data bundles are available during check out.

More Call Credit

The initial SIM card offers a generous 300 minutes of outgoing calls within Italy plus 110 international calls to the US and Canada. If you still need more, you can add 110 minutes/texts of outgoing to anywhere in Italy or Europe and back to the USA and Canada. All incoming calls are always free. Each 110 minutes/texts bundle is $26.

US Number Add-on

In addition to the Italian phone number provided with the SIM card, you can add-on a US phone number. This option allows you to forward your current phone number to the new one and therefore to keep your US number. Many travelers, specifically those on vacation, do not want anyone and everyone to be able to reach them on their usual number and will just give their important contacts the new US number. This option is just $19 for 6 hours of incoming calls for 30 days. Addition bundles are available at the same price. Please not this option does not forward text messages.

How Do Cellular Abroad Rates For Italy Compare to Your Current Carrier?
  Cellular Abroad AT&T* Verizon* Sprint* T-Mobile*
Incoming Free $2.50 $2.99 $1.99 $1.49
Outgoing Local 300 minutes included $2.50 $2.99 $1.99 $1.49
Calls to N. America 110 minutes included $2.50 $2.99 $1.99 $1.49
1 GB Data(3G) Included $1,024 $2,000 $1,900 $1,500
* These are the default rates without signing up for a plan. AT&T, Verizon and Sprint rates exclude tax which is approximately 20% of the value. In addition, our solution is not a roaming solution and therefore is more reliable and faster.

** T-Mobile does not offer 3G in Italy.

Italy Data Plan

The SIM card comes with 1GB of data at 3G speeds. Many travelers rely heavily on data and, while 1GB may be enough for travelers who do not rely heavily on data, more and more travelers opt for additional data bundles. Italy seldom has locations that offer free Wi Fi. In addition, Wi Fi is never secure thus exposing users to identity and password theft which is certainly not what you want to happen anywhere, particularly while on vacation. Having instantaneous data access anytime and anywhere is a great way to help make your trip more enjoyable. Download Google Maps and guidebooks on your phone or find reviews on the fly for that restaurant you happen to stumble on. We also highly recommend using WhatsApp for text messaging and even for calling, in addition, there are voice translators that will help you communicate with the locals.

1GB of 3G speed data is just $39 or 2GB for $69. Either option is available upon checkout.

Recharge Vouchers & Add-ons

While many travelers, particularly those who purchase a bundle, find that they have more than enough call credit for their trip, some need more outgoing minutes. You can purchase additional call credit at over 60,000 stores and tabacs in Italy or you can purchase more through Cellular Abroad together with your SIM card or during your trip. Please note that call and data bundles and the US number add-on must be ordered together with your SIM card.

Italy Prepaid Recharge
only $29.00 for 110 min of talk time credit

Add an additional 110 minutes outgoing to the US/Canada/Europe or Italy. *Excludes multiple €0.16 connection fees.

Italy 30 Day Service Bundle
only $59.00

110 international minutes and 300 minutes within Italy.

Italy 1GB Data Plan
only $39.00

1GB of data for up to 30 days. We will activate this for you on the date you specify. Only available for use in handsets capable of supporting 3G service.

Italy 2GB Data Plan
only $69.00

2GB of data for up to 30 days. We will activate this for you on the date you specify. Only available for use in handsets capable of supporting 3G service.

Italy SIM card FAQs

Will the Italy SIM card work with my phone?

As long as your cell phone is unlocked and has the 900 and 1800 Mhz bands, it is compatible with your phone with voice and as long as it has the 2100 3G networks, it is compatible with data. Most smartphones are compatible with Italian SIM cards in terms of the bands.

How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

You cannot tell physically if your cell phone is unlocked. If you are with AT&T and you put a different SIM card (such as T-Mobile) in and it picks up a network, it is unlocked. Conversely, if you put another SIM card in and it says, "enter subsidy code" or similar, it is locked. Call your carrier to check to see if your phone is unlocked or if it qualifies for being unlocked. Please note that all Verizon iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 are unlocked.

Do you offer micro and nano SIM cards?

Yes we do. They are available during checkout.

How do I know if I need a micro SIM card, a nano SIM card or a standard Italian SIM card?

It is not easy to discern the size of the SIM card by looking at it as the sizes vary literally only by fractions of an inch. The best way to check to see what SIM card you need is to Google "SIM card size" and the brand and model of your phone. All iPhone 5 and 6s are nano and most Samsung Galaxy handsets are micro.

Why don't I just purchase a SIM card when I get to Italy?

Purchasing a SIM card for your phone when you arrive in Italy is inconvenient. Most people do not want to cut into their vacation time in order to do so. Plus, they want to have the phone number before they leave and their phone available to use as soon as they arrive. In addition, the Uno Mobile SIM card has better rates and bundles than SIM cards available in Italy as well as features such as a US number add on, and, has English instructions and English speaking customer service.

Can I buy the Uno Mobile SIM card in Italy?

The particular version of the SIM card we sell has been specifically tailored for English speaking travelers and is not available in Italy. Cellular Abroad is the exclusive reseller in the United States and Canada and has been since 2008.

How good is the coverage?

In a word; excellent. As a rule of thumb, as long as there are roads that are traveled on and houses where people live, there is coverage, including the islands of Sicily and Sardegna.

Where can I get more talk time?

You can get additional call credit either through Cellular Abroad or through any café or tabac in Italy. Ask for a recharge voucher for Uno Mobile.

Will it work as soon as I land in Italy?


Does it work outside of Italy?

Yes but you will incur roaming rates. Unless you are taking a short trip outside of Italy (ex. Switzerland for the day), we don't recommend roaming with your SIM card.

How much will it cost people in the USA/Canada to call me on my Italian number?

That depends on their plan. A great option is to add the "US Number" feature to your service. Each $19 will give you 360 minutes of incoming calls on a US number.

Can I keep my usual number?

Yes you can. Purchase the US Number add on and forward your current number to the new one (ask your carrier what the procedure is). This is ideal for business travelers who need to be reached at all times but is also a double edged sword for travelers going for a bit of rest and relaxation as anyone who calls your usual number will reach you. Another option is just to give a select few your new US number.

Can I use the SIM card next year when I go to Italy?

Yes. As long as you add call credit at least once every 2 years, you can retain your number and service.

More questions? Call us at 800.287.5072 and we will be glad to be of assistance.

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