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Israel cell phone number w/ optional US number add-on

500MB of 3G data included

Includes 200 minutes within Israel plus 150 minutes to call the US or Canada

Free incoming calls

Activated and ready to use

Cellular Abroad SIM Card for Israel

Our Israel SIM card is ready to go as soon as you arrive at your destination. Select the SIM card size you need and simply put it in your unlocked phone and you will be able to make and receive calls and text messages and use mobile data as soon as you land in Israel. The initial SIM card includes 200 minutes of call credit to make outgoing calls in Israel, 150 minute of outgoing calls to the USA or Canada and 500MB of data at 3G speeds. All incoming calls are always free. The credit is valid for 30 days from the date of activation - simply email us the day you want us to activate your service (as per the instructions included with the SIM card).

US add on

While incoming calls are always free on your Israel number, callers from the US would be charged to make an international call to reach you. For just $19, you can add a US phone number making it affordable for callers back home to contact you. Each $19 gives you 360 minutes of incoming calls on the US number. In addition, you can forward your current phone number to your US add on which will allow you to retain your usual number.


  • Low call and data rates
  • Israel phone number and optional US phone number
  • SIM card will stay active indefinitely as long as one call is made per year
  • Extensive coverage through Cellcom, one of the major carriers in Israel
  • Easy to add more talk time, with vouchers sold at convenience outlets throughout Israel
  • Calls charged by the second
  • US menus
  • Voicemail
  • Standard, nano and micro SIM cards available

Rate Plan

The initial SIM card has 65 NIS of credit available for local and/or international calls plus additional 70NIS for local calls and 500MB of data. The rates are .33NIS (Shekels) to call a local number and .43 to call a number to the United States or to Canada. Text messages are .20 Shekels within Israel and 1.32NIS for international texts. As international text messaging is fairly expensive, we recommend that you use WhatsApp or iMessage or a similar messaging app if possible (provided you have a data enabled phone). The data cost is nominal. All incoming calls are free. If you plan on making or receiving a fair amount of international calls, you can also add on a US phone number to save money. Each $19 will give you 6 hours of incoming calls (tip: if you need to call the US, have them call you back on the US phone number).


We can add an additional bundle of 65 NIS for local calls and/or international calls plus additional 70NIS locals calls and 500MB. Each bundle is an additional $99.95

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my phone number(s)?

Your cellular phone number for Israel and the US (if applicable) is available to you as soon as we ship it to you. It is also on the physical invoice we send you as well as on the packaging.

How do I activate your service?

You do not need to activate your SIM card. Your service is ready to go as soon as you land in Israel.

How good is the coverage?

The coverage in Israel is exceptional. Like all carriers, there are of course areas where there is no or poor coverage. As a rule of thumb, where people live/work, there will be coverage.

Can I use the SIM card in the United States?

While your SIM card may "roam" in the US and other places, we strongly advise against using it outside of Israel as the roaming rates are expensive.

Checking your Voicemail

To check your voicemail dial *151 and press the SEND key. your default pin number is 1111#. To change the language of your voicemail, dial *159 SEND and select option 2 for English.

Can I check my account credit?

Yes you can. Please refer to the information included with the SIM card.

Is there voicemail?

Yes there is. We will include the instructions together with your SIM card.

Can I use my SIM card next year?

As long as you make or receive a text message or phone call once a year, your SIM card remains valid.

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