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Why Use Cellular Abroad’s services?


The main reason that travelers use Cellular Abroad’s services is to avoid paying the extremely high roaming rates of conventional carriers. However, there are also several other reasons to use our products and services. First, just what is it that Cellular Abroad does?

In brief, we offer international cellular solutions that virtually any overseas traveler can afford. All of our services are pay as you go and we do not have contracts to sign or monthly or annual bills to pay.  We offer free standing SIM card solutions for travelers who already own a compatible handset and we also rent and sell phone/SIM card packages. Frequent travelers often prefer to own a handset that they can use internationally while infrequent travelers generally rent our services.

Savvy and budget minded travelers know that roaming with your current carrier, provided they even offer the service and your phone works overseas, can cost, on average, between $1.50 per minute in and out, including taxes,  on the low end and up to $5.00 per minute on the high end. With those rates, most people cannot afford the convenience and security of having a cell phone.  Other communication options such as Skype, pay phones, calling cards or a hotel phone. However, nothing compares to the convenience of being able to make or receive a phone call anywhere, anytime.

Close to 50% of our service is absolutely free, yes free. In fact, most countries where we offer service, and certainly in the more popular countries such as in Western Europe, to receive a phone call is free. Furthermore, outgoing calls, even to North America, are very affordable. In fact, from certain countries such as the UK, Spain and Germany, it costs about a dime to call back home.  Our customers also enjoy the fact that they are in complete control of their expenditures. With our pay as you go service, customers do not experience “bill shock.”

Get a Local Number

Another common reason that customers choose Cellular Abroad is to have a local number. Having a local number, say and Italian, Spanish or Chinese number is valuable for different reasons. Many business men prefer having a local phone number for the country where they are traveling as it gives them a “presence” and therefore, legitimizes their business in that country. Another great reason is that many people are reluctant to call a number that is not local as they know that calling internationally is expensive. Third, even if they are willing to call you, they may be confused about the dialing sequence that they need to call and indeed, Verizon, T-Mobile, et al do have different dialing procedures from country to country.

7 days/week Customer Service

As of this writing, only T-Mobile offers 7 days/week customer service – but you pay for the call. The majority of our customers have access to an 800 number and our National Geographic Travel Phone customers have unlimited toll free customer service access from their handset. Our customer care center is based in the United States so you will get top notch service…without having to decipher an accent!

Unlike conventional cellular service, our service is 100% pay as you go. That means that you do not need to fill out a credit form nor pay a monthly service charge. You only pay for the calls that you make – and rarely those that you receive. We can ship you a SIM card, a rental phone or a SIM/phone package to your home or office


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