Holland (Telfort) SIM Card Instructions

+1 310 862-7100
Please be sure to read these instructions prior to departing for Holland. If you're consulting your phone's user guide, please defer to the instructions below with regard to the use of your Holland SIM card. (Phone manuals are written in general terms.)


Dialing information
Your phone needs to be an unlocked dual-band, tri-band or quad-band GSM phone capable of functioning on the 900 MHz GSM band in order to accept the SIM card.

You will find your phone number on the back of the package where it says, “your new mobile number is…”

Holland Country code: 31+ Holland Cell Number: 10-digit phone number starting with 0
Your Holland Cell to US: 001 – area code – phone number 
US to Your Holland Cell: 011 – 31 – 9-digit number (drop the first 0)                                     
Your Holland Cell Number to Holland: area code - phone number
Holland to Your Holland Cell Number: area code - phone number

Important: Most US toll free numbers are not accessable from overseas. Be sure to get valid international numbers prior to your departure.

Please Note: There is no support for service when roaming outside of Holland

Activating Your Service

  1. Make sure that the battery is charged and the phone menu options are in English.
  2. Register your SIM here at receive your bonus credit:

For SIM Card Purchases Only
Insert the Dutch SIM card into your GSM cell phone (snap out the Holland SIM chip from the SIM chip holder and insert the chip into your GSM Phone with the metal portion facing down as to make contact with the contact prongs).

  1. Turn on your phone
  2. Enter the 4 digit PIN code
  3. You are now ready to start calling

To check your voicemails using another phone dial 06 2401 1233.

  • You will be asked to enter your mobile number and also your PIN code which you will be prompted to set when you first use the voicemail system.
  • If you need to set your PIN dial 1233 from your mobile go to setting options and then set PIN.

To check your voicemail abroad simply dial +31 6 2401 1233.

  • You will be asked to enter your mobile number and your PIN code which you will be prompted to set when you first use the voicemail system.
  • If you need to set your PIN dial 1233 from your mobile go to setting options and then set PIN.

Checking Call Credit

  • Dial 1244
  • Press the send or talk key

Purchasing More Talk Time
Lycamobile Recharge cards may be purchased from Cellular Abroad or they can be found in 5 and 10 € denominations at most convenience stores, tobacco shops and petrol stations throughout Holland. Even if you have zero credit on your prepaid account, since incoming calls are always free, you will still be able to receive calls.

Adding Call Credit

  • Simply dial 1244 and follow the prompts.

If you are unable to make or receive calls switch networks on your phone.  Consult your phone’s manual.  The steps will be like these:

  • Menu > Settings/Setup > Network > Available Network/Change Network > Search
  • Select a different network carrier than the one currently shown.

If you are receiving no reception bars, emergency calls only, SOS, or no service check your phones band setting:  Consult your phone’s manual. The steps will be like these:

  • Menu > Settings/Setup > Network > Network Setup >Band
  • Make sure you select 900/1800

Customer Service
Customer service for your Holland prepaid SIM card is available 24 hr./day

  • Dial 1244 at any time from your Holland cellular phone.
  • Call from any phone in Holland by dialing 0900 0400 410.  Customer Services calls cost $0.27/min. (USD) 
  • To call LycaMobile Customer Services from the US you can call their international support line at 011 44 0207 101 2250 (this is a long distance call to the UK)
  • From a landline, (NOT from payphones, mobile phones, and majority of hotels) Cellular Abroad can be reached 8am to 8pm EST, 7 days a week with English customer support and recharge services by dialing this number: 00-800-3623-3333. From a cell: (310)862-7100 or email us at support@cellularabroad.com



Any Phone Number in Holland

0.18 Euro cents.


USA and Canada

0.09 Euro cents

Western Europe (landline)

0.09 Euro cents

Western Europe (cellular)

0.33 Euro cents

*All rates are based on per minute charges and are based on Euros. For up-to-date currency exchange rates, use the Currency Converter.

Service Life
The service life for your Netherlands SIM Card is 180 days. You must make or receive one call or text messages each 180 days to retain your number.

Please Note
If you have received a faulty SIM card or defective phone and you do not call or email Cellular Abroad during your trip, we cannot offer any refund or compensation.

For problems with your cellular phone, contact Cellular Abroad at 00-1-310-862-7100 or email support@cellularabroad.com. If you're having a service issue, please call Cellular Abroad or relay a message to us through a contact back in North America and include any alternate phone numbers as well as the best time for us to call. Usually there is a simple fix. (It's also important to document any problems while you're abroad instead of after your return.)

Note: Toll free 800 numbers based in the US can not be called from overseas cell phones in most cases. If you are able to connect to an 800 number in the US, you will be charged for an international outgoing call.

You will find a copy of these instructions on our website at http://www.cellularabroad.com/hollandSIMop.php.

Cellular Abroad is not responsible for typos, misinformation, change of service or menu prompts, lack of coverage or other possibilities that result in a lack of service or otherwise resulting in not being able to make or receive calls. We've tried to supply the most accurate information possible, but carrier rates, service plans and related information can change without notice. If you find any discrepancies between these instructions and your actual experience with the phone service or if you have useful additional information, we would appreciate any clarifications, suggestions or corrections. Please send your comments to comments@cellularabroad.com.

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