Cellular Service and Coverage in Hong Kong

Hong Kong operates, like most of the world, on the GSM cellular phone system. Having a cell phone is strongly suggested to you as a visitor to Hong Kong. Since cell phone service is no longer the huge obstacle in Hong Kong that is once was, there are service providers insuring that you will be able to call from a cell phone within most places in any part of the country.

The trick is to arrange service before leaving your home country, however, by renting a GSM phone with SIM pre-paid card. This is what saves you both time and money, as well as the terrible financial burden of hotel phone call bills. You have flexibility, no hidden fees since the service is pre-paid, and you have the convenience of being able to call home immediately. Also incoming calls are free, which is a great privilege not common with most cell phone plans.

As long as you are sure to obtain your plan before leaving home, cell phone service should be no problem in Hong Kong, and it is pretty much a necessity for modern travel for even budget visitors.

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