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Germany is Western Europe's richest and most populous nation. As the map below illustrates, Germany is situated in Central Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea to the north, Poland and the Czech Republic to the east, Austria and Switzerland to the south, and France, Belgium and the Netherlands to the west. It covers an area slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Montana, with a climate that is temperate; cool, cloudy, with wet winters and summers. The terrain varies with lowlands in the north, uplands in the center, and the mountainous Bavarian Alps in the south. Still rebuilding since the collapse of the Berlin wall and the unification of East and West, this most populous and affluent democracy in Europe is comprised of 16 states. Germany enjoys and is able to accommodate a generous amount of tourists since it is rich in history, dotted with ancient castles and offers beautiful landscapes. The Black Forest, Swiss and Bavarian Alps, and major rivers that include the Danube, Elbe, Rhine and Weser are some of Germany's geographical highlights. If you will be going to Germany, be sure to prepare yourself by obtaining a quality map of the country, cities and areas to where you will be traveling.

Country Map of Germany

Here's a clever trip-planning tip: Buy your street and highway maps for Germany before you depart. With a map, atlas, street guide or excursion guide in hand, you'll be able to know where you're going before you get there! Rather than spending precious vacation time hunting down a store that sells maps and then trying to figure out where things are, we think Trektools can get your German vacation off on the right foot. They've got more maps than you could possibly find at most German bookstores and you won't have to start your trip by being lost.

Speaking of planning ahead, you can't beat the convenience and security of having a cellular phone for Germany with an German phone number. Imagine having the benefits of local cellular service such as low rates and unlimited free incoming calls from anywhere in the world—any time of day or night—just like one of the locals! Cellular Abroad offers prepaid rental phones for Germany as well as our Talk Abroad rental—a prepaid international roaming phone—good for use on multi-country trips. (The Talk Abroad™ offers free incoming calls in over 99 countries!) You can also purchase an Germany phone and SIM card package for better value on long trips (or if you or a friend are frequent overseas travellers). Of course, you can also buy a Talk Abroad™ international roaming phone and SIM card bundles. Finally, if you already own an unlocked GSM world phone, you can pick up an Germany SIM card or Talk Abroad SIM. Either way, you'll be able to give out a European number to friends, family and colleagues back home before you leave. To learn more about GSM phones, prepaid SIM cards and how they can both save you a lot of money and keep you connected while you're abroad, go to our Start Here page or check out our FAQs.

For more Germany trip-planning resources, visit our Germany hotels, Germany car rentals and Germany Cellular Information pages. Here is a Euro to US Dollar converter.

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