Cellular and Data Plans for Europe

If your travel plans include traveling to one or more European destination and your current carrier, whether it be with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or others, either is too expensive to use or doesn't have the right solution, we can help you out. Since 2002 Cellular Abroad has helped over 300,000 save money on cellular service while traveling abroad. We offer a variety of options for the traveler and since all of our solutions are prepaid, you will know up front exactly what you are paying.

If you already own unlocked cell phone, you can purchase the National Geographic Travel SIM in order to receive low data, text and calling rates all over Europe. The National Geographic Travel SIM offers one flat low rate in the EU for calling, texting and mobile data. As an added benefit, this international SIM card works in almost every other country worldwide. In addition, using this service as opposed to roaming with your current cellular provider gives you the option of either keeping your current number (not necessarily a plus for travelers wanting to get away from it all) or getting a new number. Along with a US number, this SIM card also features a European phone number. Having a European number makes it affordable for your European friends and family to reach you.

We also rent phones for Europe. For those who do not have unlocked phones or simply do not want to fiddle with inserting a SIM card into your phone, we offer several rental options. We also offer the National Geographic Travel Phone, an affordable, easy to use phone that works all over Europe and almost anywhere else worldwide. Since we understand that you may want more phone options, we offer several other handsets available for purchase. All of our cell phones for Europe are equipped with the Nat Geo SIM Card and initial starter credit plus international chargers and adapters.

If you only need to a data solution, our data only SIM card is the perfect solution for travelers with unlocked phones or unlocked tablets.

Last, but certainly not least, we offer a mobile Wi Fi hotspot that works seamlessly throughout Europe. A mobile hotspot is a portable device that creates a Wi Fi signal that goes wherever you go and works whenever you need Wi Fi. In addition, you can connect with multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers. Our European mobile hotspot rental is easily one of our more popular products.

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