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Map of China

China is a place that tends to capture the imagination and wonderment of those who read of, and see photographs of, this country; for those who have visited, China is a remarkable place that few can explain in one conversation. You hear sentences with awed tones of the Great Wall, of fascinating explorations, and the scenic beauty that China is blessed with. China is a majestic country, where you can find traditional customs right alongside modern advances.

You should probably experience several of its central cities to comprehend the culture. You'll find beauty and splendor in the famous Great Wall, but also in the small towns where natives may welcome you with open arms for there are many places where travelers are welcomed, even beyond the big cities that house tours. It is advisable to seek out small-town alternatives, regional foods, and go out on your own as well as taking one of the breathtaking tours that often show both the famous sights of the country, and the off-the-path splendor of the other parts not frequently tread by visitors.

The museum that is, perhaps, the most important one to visit in China is Shanxi Lishi Bowuguan in Xi'an. It houses numerous one-of-a-kind arts and finds, including an immaculately displayed demonstration of Xi'an's international contacts via the Silk Routes.

Another important museum to visit is the Unit 731 Museum in Harbin. Japan set up a top secret facility to test biological weapons on thousands of living human beings during World War II. This museum presents a somber, factual account of one of the war's horrors; it is an unforgettable experience.

Also in Harbin is a festival of import to experience when visiting from December to March. That's the Ice and Snow Festival. It goes beyond being a festival to a citywide celebration where there are lots of ice and sculptures made to display cultural heroes as well as pop culture heroes of the west including Elvis Presley.

Some cities within China to make certain to visit are:

A modern city of twelve million residents that keeps the grand traditions alive with new ideas, Beijing is a sight to behold! The parks' natural beauty and the pro-Communism ads that run along the city are two things that you are sure to quickly take notice. Don't let those things stop you from admiring the architecture and the reality of being in a city that dates back so long ago.

You won't want to miss the site of the Forbidden City (officially called Gugon Bowuguan)! It is an area of almost 200 acres from which two dynasties and 24 emperors ruled the Middle Kingdom.

This city was the only city that visitors from out of the country were allowed to see in the nineteenth century when it was called Canton. They went there often to trade luxury goods of the day. Because of a trading port built in the '70's, this city is once again a great connecting point to other countries. With a population of nearly seven million in 2000, it is a big city with big sights.

You can see how residents of the city live by going to the gorgeous parks and temples. Shamian Island keeps the charm of the old city, but Guangzhou is now a modern city in every aspect!

Shanghai has emerged as a central part of China's financial progress as well as one of its most intellectual and cultural cities.

Here is a map of China

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