China - Hong Kong iPhone Rental with Data Bundle Add-on Instructions
+1 310 862-7100
Please be sure to read these instructions prior to departing for China or Hong Kong.


Your service will be live based on the departure date set in the system upon ordering the phone. The service does not support outside of China/Hong Kong.
You can power the phone on and add contacts or connect to Wi-Fi.
You can add your iTunes account to the phone - please remember to delete this before returning the phone!

Dialing information

Your China Cell to US: 12593 - 001 - area code - phone number
(You must use the 12593 prefix to receive the $0.06 per minute rate)

US to Your China Cell: 011 - 86 - your Chinese number

Your China Cell Number to China: 12593 - 0 - Chinese phone number
(You must use the 12593 prefix to receive the $0.06 per minute rate)

China to Your China Cell Number: 0 - Chinese phone number

Your China Cell Number to any other country: 12593 - 00 - country code - phone number

Important: US toll free numbers are not accessible from overseas. Be sure to get valid international numbers prior to your departure.

Adding Talk Time

$29 for 4 hours of incoming or outgoing calls from/to the US or China.

We can add additional call credit directly to your account.

Purchase more talk time online at

(Your login is your email and billing zip code - unless altered by you)


Email and provide your name, Chinese phone number and how many credit vouchers you would like.

*After business hour orders and requests will be added the following business morning.

Checking Your Credit

Text "YE" to 10086 and you will be texted back with your balance.


There is no voicemail service available

Data Bundle Issues

Customer Service

For network or service issues:

To contact Cellular Abroad: +1-310-862-7100 (8am to 4pm PST, Monday through Saturday, English speaking reps) or via email at or chat with us online.

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