China-Hong Kong SIM with Data Bundle Add-on Instructions
+1 310 862-7100
Please be sure to read these instructions prior to departing for China or Hong Kong.

Please email your departure and return date to
We will email back a confirmation.
Your service will then work upon arrival in China.

3GB data bundle usage
You must set your phone's access point name (APN) to: cmnet
no username / no password

How to set an APN:
(iPhone users: You cannot see the APN option until the foreign SIM card is inside. The settings will automatically revert to your current APN when you replace your US SIM Card)
iPhone 5, 6 - Settings>Cellular>set Cellular Data to on>go into Cellular Data Options> set Data Roaming to on> go into Cellular Data Network> set APN
iPhone 4 - Settings>Cellular>set Cellular Data to on>set enable 3G to on>set Data Roaming to on> go into Cellular Data Network> set APN
Android 1.6 / 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3
From the Home screen Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names (APNs) > Menu key (or three-vertical-dot icon) > Create new APN use Menu key again to Save.
Android 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2/4.4 / 5
Settings menu > Wireless & Networks or Network Connections or Connections tab > More settings, More..., or More networks > Mobile networks/Cellular Networks > Access Point Names > Menu key or (three-vertical-dot icon) > Create new APN use Menu key again to Save.
Android 6.0
From the Settings menu, look under Backup and reset, under Reset > Reset network settings >RESET SETTINGS > If a PIN, Password, or Fingerprint has been enabled, enter it > Tap RESET SETTINGS again > A confirmation message will display when complete > Menu key or (three-vertical-dot icon) > Create new APN use Menu key again to Save.

SIM Insertion
Not sure how to insert your SIM? Google your phone model and insert SIM. YouTube has great how to videos with your specific model.

  • Samsung phones typically insert under the back plate or under the battery.
  • Apple phones have a SIM slot on the right edge of the phone.

Dialing information
Making calls in China

  • Calling within China to a Chinese number: Dial 12593 - followed by the Chinese phone number
  • Calling within China to any other country: Dial 12593 - 00 - country code - phone number (ex. To dial the USA 12593 - 00 - 1 - 21255555)

(Please note that you must use the 12593 prefix to receive the $0.06 per minute rate)

Receiving calls in China

  • Receiving calls from a US/Canada number: Callers must dial 011-86 followed by the phone number but without the 0 (ex. 011-86-15017912345)
  • Receiving calls from a China number: Callers must dial your Chinese number without the 86 country code and they must add a 0 (ex. 015017912345)

(If you have added a US number to your account, callers from the US can simply dial the US number directly.)

Important: US toll free numbers are not accessible from overseas. Be sure to get valid international numbers prior to your departure.
Please Note: There is no support for service when roaming outside of China

Adding Talk Time
$29 for 4 hours of incoming or outgoing calls from/to the US or China

We can add additional call credit your directly to your account.

Purchase more talk time online at


Email and provide your name, Chinese phone number and how many credit vouchers you would like.

*After business hour orders and requests will be added the following business morning.

Checking Your Credit
Text "YE" to 10086 and you will be texted back with your balance.

There is no voicemail service available

Customer Service
For network or service issues:

  • Call 13800138000 for customer service within China. This only works from land lines and China Mobile cards
  • From the SIM, you can call China Mobile Support by dialing 075510086 and choose 2 for English
  • For emergencies, dial 121 send/talk - this will connect you to the local emergency services hotline

For Cellular Abroad

  • 8am to 4pm PST, M-F
  • From your cell phone at 001-310-862-7100 (not toll free)
  • From a landline 00-800-3623-3333 - toll free
  • Email

Service Life
Your account will be billed $4 every 30 days from the available balance on the SIM, with usage or not. Once you have less than $4 available you then have 90 days to add additional credit or your SIM card will expire. You must use your Hong Kong number (in Hong Kong) at least once every 60 days in order to retain the Hong Kong service.

Cellular Abroad is not responsible for typos, misinformation, any changes of service or menu prompts, lack of coverage or other possibilities that result in a lack of service or otherwise resulting in not being able to make or receive calls. We try to supply the most accurate information possible. Carrier rates, service plans and related information can change without notice. If you find any discrepancies between these instructions and your actual experience with the phone service or if you have useful additional information, we would appreciate any clarifications, suggestions or corrections. Please send your comments to

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