Take a Selfie Contest

That’s right, even the Pope is in on the act. And if it’s good enough for the Pope, it’s good enough for many of us – especially if you can win an iPad. Submit your photo to support@cellularabroad.com before September 15 for a chance to win an iPad. Our panel of 5 unbiased, nothing to do with Cellular Abroad, travel experts will select a winner. Or else….the first one to submit a selfie with the Pope wins – and we don’t mean with you in St. Peter’s Square and Pope Francis a mile away addressing the crowd from the Pope’s balcony! In addition, we will need proof that it is you and not some random person from Google images.

OK, we don’t really expect to see a selfie with the Pope. Besides, even a selfie with some random nun would probably be a good contender. Just be sure to submit the images to us before September 15, 2014 in order to participate.

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