New Plan for Travelers to France

It still surprises me that anyone would roam with their US carrier to France or anywhere else. I know that all the carriers in the US have data and voice bundles and that T-Mobile has free 2G speed data but here is the problem – why would you want to spend a (at least) couple of hundred dollars with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint and spend your time on your vacation worrying about monstrous overages? Why would you frustrate yourself with T-Mobile’s 2G speeds (aka GPRS – remember that? from 10 years ago??). Don’t you WANT to use your cell phone to send videos, use Google Maps, Skype and do everything you do at home and perhaps even more? Well…maybe not since some people are going to France specifically to get away from all this but…for those who do, well, now you can.

The new plan for France offers 5GB of data at 3G speeds and unlimited texting and calling within France plus calls back to the US for just pennies plus free incoming calls plus you can even add a US phone number. With all these pluses you would expect to be hundreds of dollars but no, for around $100 you can use your phone almost as much as you want. Make sure your phone is unlocked and get a SIM card for France from Cellular Abroad.

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