Interesting Trip to Guatemala with Cellular Abroad Phone

Last year on a vacation to Guatemala, I decided to travel with the National Geographic Travel Phone offered by Cellular Abroad. Was I glad to have it with me during my trip!! When I first arrived at the airport, the airplane arrived early and there was no one available to pick me up at the airport. I took out my cell phone and once the phone picked up a signal (Claro GSM) I was able to call my contact’s cell phone with no problem! She took me over to the hotel and soon enough, I had other issues that needed to be attended to by contacting people over the phone.

The hotel did not have my reservation, as well as a few other tourists due to computer problems at the hotel. Also, with the current storm they were experiencing, they were having technical issues throughout the Capital. I was able to contact my local travel agent in California to have them provide the reservation number and ensure that I had a place to stay during my travels. Other travelers weren’t as lucky! So, of course I recommended they travel with Cellular Abroad on their next trip! It was a great experience!

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One comment on “Interesting Trip to Guatemala with Cellular Abroad Phone

  1. Alberta Nina on said:

    A trip to Guatemala sound like a really unpredictable adventure!! I guess it was a great experience anyway ;-)

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