Cellular Abroad’s Top 10 Travel Apps for 2015

According to a recent survey, actually putting your smartphone next to your face to make and receive calls is number 6 on the list of what people do with their phones. if you are traveling, with all the great travel apps available, using your phone “as a phone” probably wouldn’t even make the top 10. We speak to travelers every day who tell us about the apps they use and sometimes we offer them suggestions about a few of our own.

Here are the top 10 apps as compiled by Cellular Abroad with a little help from our friends (Cellular Abroad’s loyal customers):

Google Maps

Ever the classic, what better way is there to navigate around in a city you have never been? With Google Maps, you will never get lost – although there is something to be said for wandering around aimlessly through the center of Rome.


If you have every used Uber (or their competitor, Lyft), you already know how useful they are for getting around but not everyone knows that they are available in many major cities across the globe. One word of caution is that the rates can be significantly higher than here in the US.

Map my Walk

This is more of a fun app than a travel tool but, since we tend to walk a lot while traveling, some travelers like to keep track of their mileage. You’ll be surprised how many miles you walk while on vacation. Some pedometer apps will also give you other information such as vital signs which can come in handy if you feel your blood pressure going through the roof when admiring the artwork at the Louvre.


Extremely popular in Europe, this app is gaining popularity in the US and Canada as well. WhatsApp lets you send messages, videos and pictures for free with WiFi or for practically nothing through mobile data. The only caveat is that both sender and recipient have to have this app downloaded on their device.

Yelp and Trip Advisor

Entries 5 and 6 are similar in the sense that they give you user based ratings and reviews of restaurants, hotels and even businesses. This is a useful app when you happen upon a restaurant and aren’t sure if you should take the plunge. Download them both if you can.

Google Translate

This is an extremely useful tool, particularly for travelers heading off the beaten path. Google Translate translates to and from 90 languages. You can even take a picture of a sign or anything with words on it and Google Translate will translate it into the language of choice.

Weather Channel App

Picture this: you are out on an all day excursion visiting a castle outside of Paris. All of a sudden in the afternoon, it starts to rain? What do you do? Well, if you have a weather app you open the umbrella you brought with you since you came prepared. It’s free, it takes 30 seconds to download…why not?


XE.com gives you currency exchange rates for just about any currency out there. You can calculate exactly how much that Murano glass trinket is going to cost you (or you can do what most people do which is to approximate the cost based on knowing the exchange rate give or take a few points).

jet interior


Last and for most people, least, there’s Victor. Victor is the to private jets what Uber is to taxicabs. Sound expensive? Good intuition but…if you are booking a jet that accommodates 10 people and you are 8-10 people (and you are not a starving student back packing your way around Europe) Victor may be an acceptable option. Not for you? Well, not for most of us. And that’s why Vic is at number 10 on Cellular Abroad’s list of the top travel apps for 2015.

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