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Bahamas BaTelCo SIM Card

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Detailed Features
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Cellular Abroad SIM Card for Bahamas
A "Cybercell" Bahamas Prepaid SIM Card from BaTelCo, together with a tri-band unlocked GSM cell phone, will allow you not only to have a local cell phone number for Bahamas but also to pay local rates - and without a contract. For your next trip to Bahamas, make sure to purchase a prepaid SIM card.

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Information and Talk Rates Chart

Key Features
  • Local Bahaman Phone Number
  • Voicemail
  • SMS Text Messaging
Initial Credit

$20 USD
15mins International
60mins Domestic

Domestic Talk Rates

US$0.33 Peak
US$0.15 Off-peak

International Talk Rates *
US$0.33 Peak / $0.15 Off-peak
US$1.32 Peak / $1.14 Off-peak
Text Messages
Domestic outgoing: US$0.05
International outgoing: $0.15
Incoming FREE
*You can find more detailed information on rates including roaming charges here.

Detailed Features

  • A Cybercell Bahamas pre-paid SIM card and cell phone number-you'll have the number before you depart
  • $20.00 BSD/USD starter airtime credit
  • Domestic rates as low as $0.15 USD per minute
  • Calls back to the US and Canada as little as $1.14 per minute
  • Voicemail
  • Add more call credits as needed by purchasing easily-obtainable recharge voucher cards in various denominations
  • No yearly contract, monthly charges, daily minimum charges, minimum-minutes-per-call charges or credit checks
  • Note: GSM service is available only on Grand Bahama and New Providence islands.

Your Bahamas SIM Card Cell Phone Number:
Your phone number is clearly marked on the Bahamas SIM Card package you will receive.

Phone Prep and Activating Your Service:

  1. If possible, test your phone's charger and fully charge your phone's battery before your trip
  2. Put the BaTelCo "Cybercell" SIM card into your cell phone's SIM card slot.
  3. With the SIM card in your phone, you will be able to access the phone menus, but you will not be able to make or receive calls with it until you are in the Bahamas.
  4. Go to the Bahamas
  5. Turn on your phone.
  6. Enter your PIN code from your "RoCkit" Airtime Value voucher
  7. You may start calling

Calling Information:
To place a call within the Bahamas, dial the area code and the phone number (even if you are calling a fixed line within the same city) then press then send key
To call overseas dial the city code, then the phone number (example 212-555-1212) and then press the send key
If someone is calling from the US to you in the Bahamas on your Prepaid Bahamas SIM Card, they must dial 1, the 242 area code and the phone number (ex. 1-242-553-1234)

Checking Your Credit:
You may check your remaining credit as often as you like, free of charge. Enter *33 on your cell phone. Press talk or send.

Recharging Your SIM Card:
You can conveniently purchase recharge cards (airtime vouchers) from Cellular Abroad or in the Bahamas at a wide variety of vendors displaying the Cybercell sign. Ask for the Rockit airtime vouchers at one of these points of sale including many convenience stores, gas stations, the post office and magazine kiosks. (A call to customer service can also help you locate a point of sale.) Recharge cards are available in 3 denominations: $5, $10 and $20. Simply follow the instructions as printed on the recharge voucher.

As soon as you arrive in the Bahamas, simply scratch off the protective panel, follow our instructions to enter the code number and your credit is applied. Knowing what the recharge cards look like and how to apply the credit, you’re one step ahead and loaded with call credit.

Convenient Tip: You can purchase additional recharge codes (from our Rockit™ airtime vouchers) via phone whenever you need to add more call credits to your prepaid account. No need to ship you a card! Just call Cellular Abroad at +1 310-862-7100 and we can sell you as many recharge codes as you need. With the extra code(s), you'll be able to add more minutes from anywhere in the Bahamas. Please note that we can only provide this service to Cellular Abroad customers.

Detailed Rates:
All rates are stated in Bahamas Dollars (BSD) per minute. 1 Bahamian Dollar always equals 1 US dollar. (Outside of the Bahamas, the currency is worth much less.)

Domestic Peak (7am-6:59pm) Off Peak ( pm-6:59am)
All Other calls $0.33 $0.15

For convenience and flexibility, we recommend you choose the "Anytime" rate plan.

International Rates Peak (7am-6:59pm) Off Peak (7pm-6:59am)
Western Europe, United States and Canada
$0.33 $0.15
Western Europe, United States and Canada
$1.32 $1.14

Please note that there is a $2 monthly fee that will be subtracted from your credit in order to have voicemail as well as a $10 activation fee. You will need to dial customer service in order to have them set up your voicemail. The number to dial, once you are in the Bahamas, is 302-7845.

Customer Service:
To call customer service for the BaTelCo "RoCkit" GSM Prepaid Wireless Service, you may dial 302-7845 from your handset or a landline. From the U.S., dial 1-242-302-7845. Please note that this is not a toll free call. For problems with the phone or other hardware, contact Cellular Abroad at 1-310-862-7100 or email support@cellularabroad.com. If you are having a problem and you are unsure who to consult, please call Cellular Abroad or relay a message to us through a contact at home. Usually there is a simple fix. Our business hours are 8 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time, seven days a week.

Service Life:
You must reload your Cybercell BaTelCo prepaid Bahamas SIM card at least once every 60 days or your credit will expire. After the expiration period, you have another 90 days in order to add talk time.

Multi-Country Travel
You can also purchase other SIM cards as well for other countries to where you may be traveling. (This option is good for those planning on doing a lot of local calling.) We also offer an international roaming National Geographic Talk Abroad™ SIM Card that is convenient for travel to multiple countries. (This option is useful for those wanting a single number for use in multiple countries and who will be making more calls back home than locally.)

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