Cell Phone Rental for Asia

Cell phone reception and coverage in Asia is generally excellent in most heavily-populated areas and often superior to the US. Asia has some of the most densely-populated cities in the world and these cities are filled with cell phone users. Due to aggressive pricing and the convenience of zero setup, cell phone use and proliferation far exceeds that of the United States. There are several countries in Asia where a majority of the population have cell phones. Many Asians rely exclusively on cellular phones and do not even have landlines at home. This is possible since the cellular system that they use, called GSM, is reliable and the coverage is widespread. (Japan and South Korea don't use GSM.) Cellular Abroad taps into several different cell phone carriers in Asia and offers both country-specific and international SIM card solutions for asia cell phone rentals. Cellular Abroad offers both cell phone rentals for Asia as well as cell phone sales for Asia which are particularly convenient for the traveler who will travel to Asia at least once a year.

For those interested in renting a cell phone for Asia, the process is simple. Call Cellular Abroad and give us your shipping details as well as your departure dates. Since it is a prepaid service, there is no need to sign a contract. You pay only for the outgoing calls as the incoming calls are always 100% free in Asia on your rental phone. Outgoing calls are purchased in blocks of 30 minutes. You can purchase 30 minutes or 10 hours prior to your trip or anytime during your trip by simply calling Cellular Abroad from overseas. For more information regarding cell phone rentals for Asia, please go to the Talk Abroad rental page.

If you are a frequent traveler to Asia, you should consider the purchase of one our GSM phones as this will inevitably save you money by your second rental. The call rates are exactly the same whether you rent or buy a cell phone. The main difference is that if you purchase the phone, you do not need to return it and next time you travel to Asia, you will have the same cell phone number as before. We also provide free ground shipping on all phone and SIM card package sales.

Cellular Abroad is more than happy to give you more more information about Asian cell phone rentals and purchases by either calling our 800 number or by sending us an email to info@cellularabroad.com.

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