Individual Country SIM CARDS

International and Local SIM Cards

Local or "country specific" SIM cards are a GREAT value for travelers who will only be visiting one or two countries during their trip. Call and data rates are significantly less expensive than using a roaming solution or your US or Canadian provider. Our local SIM cards are a much better value and a more convenient solution than just walking into a cell phone store when you arrive at your destination as they were designed specifically for the needs of the international traveler. Most of our SIM cards offer a US number option as well as a local number. You can even forward your current cell phone number to your new one. Please select your travel destination from the list below.

In the event that we do not have a local SIM card for the country you select, you will be offered the National Geographic Travel SIM Card, which works in over 200 countries and offers unlimited free incoming calls in many countries, including all of Western Europe. Or, if you are planning a trip that you know will encompass several countries, please click on the National Geographic Banner. Please note that your cell phone needs to be an unlocked GSM phone with the 900/1800 bands. Contact us or your carrier if you are not sure. We offer SIM cards in standard/mini, micro and nano sizes. If you prefer not to deal with swapping out your SIM card in your device or, if your handset is locked, we also rent cell phones and sell phone/SIM packages. If you are not sure what your best option is, please contact us and we will explore your options.

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International SIM Cards

Cellular Abroad offers two types of prepaid communications solutions for the traveler: country-specific solutions and international solutions. A country-specific solution is the least expensive way of making and receiving cell phone calls in a specific country as you take advantage of the inexpensive local rates in a particular country. You will also have access to excellent international call rates and get unlimited FREE incoming calls in most countries.

Please click on the National Geographic logo if you are traveling to multiple destinations or on the list of countries below if you are traveling to one destination

Multi-Country SIM Card

The National Geographic Talk Abroad SIM card allows you to roam seamlessly from country to country with one phone number while still enjoying excellent rates. In some situations, it's even cheaper than calling with a country-specific SIM card. If your travel plans include traveling to many countries, or you desire to keep one phone number regardless of where you are, this is an unbeatable option. The National Geographic Talk Abroad SIM card also offers unlimited free incoming calls in all of Western Europe (as well as a handful of other countries) making it the perfect SIM card for people traveling to Europe.

*Not GSM technology

If you need a cell phone to along with any SIM card purchase, please view our Phone Rentals and Phone Packages, where you will find various, deeply discounted phone with SIM card options. You may also visit our GSM Cell Phone Sales pages for other GSM cell phones that we have available.

Pre-Paid Satellite Phone Service
While Cellular Abroad offers the lowest possible cell phone rates for many international destinations, for other destinations where there is little or no cell phone service such as on cruise ships and rural areas, Cellular Abroad is proud to offer affordable pre-paid satellite service with unlimited FREE incoming calls to the Caribbean, South America and Africa as well as anywhere else on earth! Cellular Abroad's pre-paid satellite service is the only solution for truly being able to travel the globe with one phone, one rate and one phone number.

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