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Mexico Telcel Data SIM Card

Mexico Telcel SIM Card

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Mexico Data SIM Card


No contracts to sign or monthly bills to pay. Use your Mexico SIM card with your phone or tablet for either data only or data and voice. We will send you your data SIM prior to your departure so that you have it for use as soon as you arrive.


Unlike most hotels or public hotspots, which are not secure, the MiFi uses the most up to date security encryption, assuring that your personal information and communication is safe during your travels.

Cost Effective

Save up to 95% over domestic carriers’ data roaming rates to Mexico plus with the added convenience of knowing exactly what you spend.

Data Rates

Our Telcel SIM card for Mexico offers data as well as voice calls depending on your needs. Many customers use a data SIM card and a Voip application such as Skype in order to make calls but, if you need a Mexican cell phone number or you want the higher quality of true voice, we offer bundles with voice. We offer data and data/voice SIMs for Mexico in standard, micro and nano sizes for use with any unlocked handset or tablet.

Our Telcel SIM card for Mexico offers 4 different initial credit options:

Data SIM

1.5GB - $69
3GB - $99

Voice/Data SIM

1.5GB plus 250 Minutes to the USA or Canada (all incoming calls are free)- $109
3GB - 1000 Minutes to the USA or Canada (all incoming calls are free)- $149

*Data bundles last for 30 days from the activation date you specify. Minute bundles last for 60 from activation.

How It Works

1) Order

Place an order either online or by calling our customer service hotline. Please be sure to specify if you need a micro or nano SIM. Tip: if you order 2 weeks or more prior to your departure, Cellular Abroad offers free ground shipping.

2) Insert the SIM

Make sure your cell phone is unlocked (not applicable for tablets). Follow the instructions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

3) Access the Internet

Upon arrival at your international destination, turn on the device to access the internet.

4) When you return

The SIM card is good for 1 year. To extend the validity period, simply add an additional data recharge.


3G coverage in Mexico is very good, particularly in larger cities and destinations where tourists tend to travel. For a complete coverage map of 3G service in Mexico, please visit the Telcel coverage map:


How do I activate my SIM card?

The SIM card for Mexico will be activated on the day that you request it to be activated. Simply insert the SIM card in your cell phone or tablet and, when you arrive in Mexico, you will be ready to use it.

Do I need a standard SIM, micro SIM or nano SIM?

Most devices use standard SIM card sizes. An exception is the iPhone 4 and the 4S as well as the iPad. The iPhone 5 uses a nano SIM. There are other exceptions as well. Please check with your carrier

Does my cell phone need to be unlocked?

Yes it does. Many carriers will unlock your cell phone if you request them to do so. There are exceptions. If you cannot get your cell phone unlocked or simply do now want to have to deal with the aggravation of doing so, Cellular Abroad also offers cell phones for purchase or for rent.

How can I receive calls from the US/Canada? How do I call to the US/Canada or another person in Mexico?

Calling rules to, from and within Mexico can be tricky, here is a simple guide that includes how to call 1-800 numbers from Mexico.

Call Mexico from the US & Canada

To call a landline, dial 011-52-(10 digits phone number)
To call a cellular, dial 011-52-1-(10 digits cellphone number)
Area codes are two or three digits.

Calling in Mexico

To call a local landline: Dial the 8 digits phone number
To call a local cellphone from a landline: 044-(10 digits cellphone number)
To call a local cellphone from a cellphone: (10 digits cellphone number)
To make a long distance call to a land line: 01-(10 digits phone number)
To make a long distance call to a cellphone: 045-(10 digits cellphone number)

Call US & Canada from Mexico

Dial (001)-(Area Code)-(7 digits number)

Incoming calls and texts are free anywhere in Mexico

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