Italy UNLIMITED (10GB 3G speed) Data Standard SIM Rental Options

Italy UNLIMITED (10GB 3G speed) Data Standard SIM Rental Options
1-7 days 8-14 days 15-28 days 29-42 days 43-56 days
$79.95 $89.95 $99.95 $159.95 $169.95
Departure Date? Return Date?

Micro and nano sizes available upon checkout.

If you are interested in purchasing and not renting a data SIM card for Italy, please also consider the Uno Mobile SIM Card for Italy.


Renting an Italian data SIM card is easily the smartest way to access mobile broadband on your phone or tablet for your trip to Italy. As many travelers know (and some have unfortunately found out the hard way), data roaming when traveling abroad with providers such as T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and Rogers is extremely expensive and/or painfully slow. On the other hand, using an Italian data SIM card is blazing fast and can potentially save you thousands of dollars in roaming fees. In fact, our Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) SIM card offers speeds of 3G virtually all over Italy and even 4G/LTE in most cities Click here for a coverage map (in Italian) >

With our Italian data SIM cards, you are not roaming and hence, the service is fast, affordable with extensive coverage. The SIM card is also available as a micro SIM so it's compatible with the latest Apple products like the iPhone 6 and its predecessors as well as any 3G/4G tablet. Please don’t forget to confirm if your device requires a standard, nano or micro SIM card.

You get unlimited internet access at 3G or 4G speeds for 30 days*. This SIM card also allows you to make and receive calls. All incoming calls are always free. Outgoing call rate information is below.

Information and Talk Rates Chart

Key Features
  • Local phone number for Italy
  • Free incoming calls
  • Text Messaging
Initial Credit

Unlimited data for 30 days
NO Talk Credit

Local calls within Italy

Incoming Free
US$0.35/min outgoing

International Calls

Incoming Free
US$0.60/min outgoing

Text / SMS Rates

Incoming Free /
US$0.21 ea. to Italian #'s
US$0.43 ea. to international #'s

Service Features

The SIM card is also available as a micro SIM and is therefore compatible with any unlocked device including iPads and iPhones. Please note that the service is only intended for use in Italy and usage outside of Italy may cause disruptions of service in Italy. In addition, you must always have a positive balance in order for data to work. The initial SIM doesn't come with more than 1 euro of call credit - just unlimited data for your rental period. You may purchase additional call credit locally at cafés, tabacs and TIM cell phone stores.

If your cell phone is not compatible for use in Italy, we also offer affordable cell phone rentals and cell phone purchases for Italy. Most of our customers prefer to purchase our entry level handset as it costs about as little to purchase as to rent. Please feel free to compare!

WARNING: RIM BlackBerry services such as BlackBerry Enterprise Suite, BlackBerry Push Email and BlackBerry Messenger will NOT work with the TIM Data SIM Card.

Detailed Features

  • Data Service provided by Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy's most reliable network service provider
  • Unlimited data with 10GB of 4G-speed data service for 30 days (included in cost of rental)
  • Add additional months of service simply and quickly as-needed from Cellular Abroad
  • Unlimited free incoming calls and text messages!
  • SIM Cards available for iPhone, iPad and smartphones
  • Local Italian phone number
  • Italy cell phone number with service through TIM, Italy's largest carrier
  • Excellent coverage and fast data speeds
  • Can also be used for making and receiving phone calls: $0.35 per minute for calls to Italian numbers, $0.60 per minute to the USA/Canada
  • No activation required - Your TIM SIM card is registered to Cellular Abroad, and is active and ready to go; we do not require any of your personal information for registration purposes.

Multi-Country Travel
You can also purchase other SIM cards as well for other countries to where you may be traveling. (This option is good for those planning on doing a lot of local calling.) We also offer an international roaming National Geographic Talk Abroad™ rental that is convenient for travel to multiple countries. (This option is useful for those wanting a single number for use in multiple countries and who will be making more calls back home than locally.)

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